Unlocking Resources
to Stabilize Local Communities

We believe in enriching the lives of community residents by building safe, sustainable neighborhoods, facilitating local economic activity and reinvesting back into communities. 

I Want the Best for My Community

Local communities shouldn’t have their ongoing sustainability handicapped by an absence of available resources.

Sufficient workforce housing is one of the key building blocks for local economies to thrive. Inadequate supplies of workforce housing creates economic hardship and degradation, at all levels within our community.

Access to affordable, attainable workforce housing provides greater opportunities to realize the American dream, allows for more robust job creation, promotes a stronger economy, and is essential to ensuring our resident and future generations are able to live, work, and raise families in Montana. 

Uplifting Communities and Residents

The Heartwood Foundation has created a Community Reinvestment Plan that allows communities to retain dollars generated from within their economic activity to address workforce housing and economic stabilization. 

The availability of affordable, attainable housing is critical to the wellbeing of individuals, communities, businesses and organizations of all sizes, and the economy at large. 

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A Plan for Local Sustainability

The mission is to bring stability to areas of need through the implementation of a self-funding community plan that local residents can count on.

Generating sustainable communities through the Montana Community Reinvestment Plan mitigates the crisis of affordable, attainable housing that poses substantial challenges to hardworking Montanans, employers, communities, and the states economic health. 

Let Your Locally Dollars Fund Your Community’s Sustainability

By adopting this new program, your locally generated dollars can be invested back into local jurisdictions, preserving your community for the future.

I Want the Best for My Community