Driven by a vision for thriving, sustainable communities.

It is critical to the wellbeing of Montana, our communities, and our people to find solutions to the drivers of a tight supply of affordable, attainable housing including a lack of available construction labor, land use regulations, zoning restrictions preventing supply from increasing to meet demand, and a lack of land developers and land to develop. Increasing access to attainable, affordable housing is in the best interest of Montana citizens and job creators. 

After living and working in a number of communities, our service providers identified the glaring need for sustainable workforce housing and its effect as a linchpin for thriving local economies. They set out on a three-year mission to engineer a fiscally responsible plan for addressing workforce housing needs in communities across Montana. The housing became the anchor for the Montana Community Reinvestment Plan.

What was created through a number of iterations is a reinvestment model that allows communities to retain their own tax dollars, stimulating local economic activity, all the while benefiting from the creation of workforce housing, community reinvestment, and social outreach programs.

To support our mission of empowering local economies, we have exclusive access to service providers that infuse capital into local economies. This arrangement gives us access to a wide network of local developers and builders, bankers, lenders, investors, property managers, social service providers, executive staffing, and many key elements of bringing our Reinvestment Plan to life in each community throughout Montana.

Equipped with a fiscally responsible reinvestment plan, community support, and the resources to empower communities across the Montana, we are looking forward to making the maximum possible impact in local economies around the state and helping our communites thrive.