The Heartwood Mission

Creating a Better Place to Call Home 

Designed for Community Enhancement

The Community Reinvestment Plan made available to the Heartwood Communities Foundation is designed to fund meaningful programs that enrich the lives of area residents. Our goal is to fuel the promise of a flourishing future for each community.

Preserving the Local and State Economies

When residents have a place to call home, local economies thrive. Driven by shortage of housing supply, Montana faces a crisis of affordable, attainable housing that poses substantial challenges to hardworking Montanans, employee communities, and the states economic health. 

The enrichment and stabilization of local economic centers and communities for which the state relies upon is crucial to the sustainability and success for the state of Montana and generations to come. 

Strengthening the Community

People work near where they live: Affordable housing is essential to keeping quality labor in the community and preventing employers from relocating.

Attracting Business and Investment

One of the most important things new businesses look for before moving to an area is knowing there is an ample and stable workforce to support its core employment needs.

We believe that thriving neighborhoods and communities can change the life trajectories of our residents - and in turn create a greater level of economic stability throughout the entire state.

John Dunlap