Leading the Way for Sustainable Communities

Introducing a plan that serves as a catalyst for short and long-term
growth opportunities and benefits to every resident in the community. 

A Revolutionary Community Reinvestment Model

We’re excited to introduce a new reinvestment model that unlocks massive resource pools for counties and local governments. By empowering local citizens to fund the success of their own communities, we have created a sustainable plan for community enhancement, economic stabilization programs and affordable workforce housing.

The Community Reinvestment Plan empowers local citizens to purchase discounted tax credits to fund reinvestment and workforce housing implementation in their community. By keeping local tax dollars in the community, The Heartwood Foundation is able to fund and provide workforce housing and social services at a macro scale while contracting with local service providers at market rates to boost business and economic success.

This plan will stimulate local economic stability, empowered community benefit programs and create sustainable community growth.

Working Together to Create Solutions

The Community Reinvestment Plan is designed to generate momentum and unlock funding from previously untapped sources. By redirecting community generated resources back into system, the Heartwood Communities Foundation provides a new platform for municipalities and local governments to strengthen their local economies in a sustainable fashion.

A Plan You Can Count On

Heartwood is structured around an investment model, not a subsidy model, creating perpetual value for the community in the state. Other traditional programs can be temporary and lack perpetual sustainability. 

The Heartwood model creates an environment that allows the community to become the beneficiary of it’s own economic success. The community will receive immediate relief through large private capital investments. The capital investment will result in affordable workforce rental housing, which is a pathway to first time homeownership, in macro quantities. The community will own the real estate assets after the investment period creating eventual homeownership opportunities for all Montanans. 

Creating a self-sustaining investment model ensures the sustainability and perpetual success of the community, without relying on donations, grants or government subsidies.